i'm most comfortable in "comfy pants" and fuzzy socks, even in mid-summer. i can't say no to a good '90 hip hop beat & i wish i had a better handle on the messy bun. I'm a sagitarius & a ravenclaw.

I did the official Pottermore Sorting Hat test/quiz and I got put in Ravenclaw.  I'm not surprised, really.  I'm not nearly as physically brave as Gryffindors, and I had pretty solid nerd status with my good grades, honor classes and theatre path.  

Do you have kids?  I do.  They're 4 and 7, both girls, and they're nuts.  Hilarious and crazy and smart and pretty...and nuts.  So, mamas, I feel you.  All the ups and the clean-ups, I feel you.

I also have a husband who is pretty much the funniest guy I know, which makes sense because we met in Los Angeles doing improv comedy at The Second City.  If we work together, I'll tell you about the night he met my parents and the show he was in. 

Photography is my love right behind my family.  I've been shooting off and on for...let me do the math...24 years.  Yikes.  But it wasn't until recently that I went DUH, I have loved this FUH-EVA, why am I not doing this?!  And so I did.

I love when I shoot a family and they're like, "Hey, not only wasn't that bad or stressful...it was FUN!"  And, guys, it happens after all my shoots.  And it's usually the DAD saying it.

Let's work together, yes?  I would love to work with you.


if you like my vibe and think we would...well, vibe well, then shoot me an email and let's create your dream session.