Liza Hippler is a Nashville, TN area photographer specializing in {cozy, playful, creative} baby, newborn, maternity, family, and luxury portrait photography. Serving Nashville, TN, Brentwood, Spring Hill and surrounding Middle TN areas.

Hey! I'm Liza. I'm a photographer & I love fuzzy socks, a good dance beat and my girls' laughter.

I did the official Pottermore Sorting Hat test/quiz and I got put in Ravenclaw.  I'm not surprised, really.  I'm not nearly as physically brave as Gryffindors, and I had pretty solid nerd status with my good grades, honor classes and theatre path.

Although I pursued acting for almost 25 years (majored in it at USC), I started shooting at age 13 when I got my first Canon camera.  I shot off and on for about the next 15 years, then finally invested in a digital camera when my first was born.  Even though I'd been shooting for so long, it wasn't until the past couple of year that I went DUH, I have loved this FUH-EVA, why am I not doing this?!  And so I am.

Speaking of kids, do you have them?  I do, and, like I said, they're high energy.  Hilarious and crazy and smart and pretty...and nuts.  So, mamas, I feel you.  All the ups and all the clean-ups, I feel you.

Photography is my love right behind my family.  Like most of us mamas, my family comes first.  Having two kids is interesting, for sure, considering both my husband and I are only children.  Sometimes we have no idea if our kids are being normal or off-the-charts insane.  My kids will get mad at each other for saying how stinky the other one is, but then they'll shed giant tears when I tell them to go in their rooms for bedtime, wailing, "You can't ever break our special love!" and clinging madly to each other.  

I think I have such a love for family lifestyle photography because I'm a mom.  I love to show the special love and connection that a family has.  I understand how fleeting each phase of childhood is, and I feel a need deep in my soul to preserve it through photos.  And I want to give that to other families.  And I'm equally as passionate about helping families to get those memories off their phones and into their homes, whether it be an album everyone can flip through, a beautiful gallery wall, or simply some frames on a table.

I love when I shoot a family and they're like, "Hey, not only wasn't that bad or was FUN!"  And, guys, it happens after all my shoots.  And it's usually the DAD saying it.

I  also love shooting portraits of women - everyday women like us - because we often lose our grounded sense of womanhood as we become mothers.  Obviously, a new part of womanhood emerges - the caretaker, the lunch-maker and the boo-boo kisser - but we often let the part of us that was once sexy, dynamic, free and confident...trail behind.  And sometimes, it gets so tired of trailing, that it simply stops following us. 

photo by Missy Scharer of    10Eleven Photography    (WI photographer) <3

photo by Missy Scharer of 10Eleven Photography (WI photographer) <3

With portraits, I get to go run behind you, pick that up, slap it back on with a new coat of paint and show you a way that you might not have seen yourself in a while.  And THOSE are the images you'll get to hand down to future generations.

I really, truly look forward to working with each and every client , learning what makes you and/or your family unique, drawing that out, and leaving our experience together feeling like I've made a new friend.

Here's to beautiful memories, captured forever,