Everyone has a story.  That story is beautiful.

LIGHT has me dashing for my camera most when the sun is dancing off the curls of my toddler or creating shadows around toys strewn on the floor.  When the sky is black with threats of torrents and yet somehow the treetops are lit up by sunlight.  When a steady fog of light filters through a sheer curtain onto a new mom and her bundle of love.

EMOTIONS have me one-handedly wrapping my camera strap around my neck when a little one can only be comforted by her mom, when the joy of putting on galoshes and leaping in puddles is unmatched.  When the texture and taste of a first birthday cake is an adventure.

It's earthy.  It's real.  It's beautiful. 

And I try to capture it - BOOM! - right inside a little camera.

I was 13 when I asked for and got my first "professional" camera.  I took lots of close-ups of flowers.  Very artsy.  Shortly after, I turned our laundry room into a darkroom, having saved up for and bought a plethora of development equipment.  It was not my forte.  Required entirely too much precision and patience.  

All through high school I took photos.  I was on yearbook as a photographer and did shoots with my friends who wanted nice photos.  While in college in Los Angeles I shot random things (some kind of "artsy" college phase) and went on to do, appropriately, actor headshots, and would do random kid shoots when I'd come home.

Whether on my iPhone, Samsung or my fancy Canon, I'm constantly taking photos.  Someday, I may organize them all.


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