Read more about this specific image and poem  HERE.

Read more about this specific image and poem HERE.

all of us project 

That's what I'm calling this until a better name comes along.  This project is where I take an individual - maybe you - and I listen to your story.  I hear it, I take it in, and I come up with a photoshoot designed to create a single image that accurately represents your story.  It could be a life-long struggle that's something as simple as "my perfectionism always gets in my way," or something more sudden and intense, like the man in the image above who lost his wife to cancer in July 2015 and left he and his 4-year-old, curly red-headed wild child behind.  He says he went to the beach a year after her death to die, but, strangely, found that the healing powers of the vast ocean began to clear away his grime.

If you have a story - any story, any struggle, some new life change, anything - that you would like me to consider for this project, please use the contact form below and tell me a little about you.

DO NOT JUDGE YOUR OWN STORY.  Submit ANYTHING.  Do not think yours isn't sad enough or funny enough or crazy enough...ALL STORIES ARE VALID.

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