Be safe. be wild. be you.

My brilliant hair & makeup artist and I take you through four different looks for your shoot.  You and I meet beforehand, talking about you, what's important to you, your interests and how you want to be photographed.  I start a private Pinterest board that all of us can collaborate on and we decide on your four looks.  We start at your most "you-ness."  The look that all your friends and family would go, "Yup, there she is! She looks lovely!"  And we tend to end with one that everyone goes, "Wow!" and you say, "I am so happy I created that.  It's a piece of me that I have never expressed tangibly  before."  

Take a look at the slideshow and see what other women have created and start to think about how YOU would want to be photographed.  What do YOU want to come across?  Maybe you simply need or want to feel glamorous and fabulous.  Let's do it!  Maybe you need to be a warrior - let us show you your warrior face.

This 4-5 hour portrait session is better than retail therapy or a spa day.  It's good for your soul and it's there to remind you of your beauty, your softness, your fierceness...every day.