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Love & Connection

What kiddo wants to sit and pose and smile at all, let alone for an hour?  Maybe one in a hundred, but even that might be pushing it.  Kids want to play.  They want to dance and twirl.  They want to dig in the dirt and throw rocks.  They might need a hug from mommy or a toss in the air from daddy or a piggy back ride from big sister.  THIS is your life.  Our lives as parents are not picture-perfect, so why should we make them perfect for pictures?

In your lifestyle session, you can breathe a giant sigh of relief because I will ask nothing of you other than to simply be who you are.  All of you.  The kid with the ridiculous smile, the one who just wants mommy, the one who is aloof - all of you.  Your family is unique and special and messy and full of love - and only exactly like it is right now for a short time -  and that makes it BEAUTIFUL.  Let me show you that beauty with a lifestyle session.