This project is for any mom, dad, grandma, grandparent or anyone with a phone that can take pictures. You can be located anywhere in the world!



...are hilarious, embarrassing, heart-warming, ready-to-scream (or actually screaming), heart-breaking and full of joy.  

The Mom's Moments Photo Project aims to help any mama (or dad or the main "takes photos all the time" family member) to thoughtfully keep a photo record of not only the lives of your children, but your family as a whole and you by yourself.

With monthly themes and weekly prompts, you will be easily guided to take just a few photos a week (nothing fancier than phone photos), mark them as special, and then shown, at the end of the season, how to effortlessly create and order a beautiful photo book right from your phone.

As we go through the project, please feel free to share any and all images on social media. Hashtags will be given in a welcome email so we can all see and be inspired by each other's images!

This project is completely free.  I love being able to show mamas how to look for and snag not only the big moments, but the in-between moments - and then how to actually get those images off your device and into hands both big and small.


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