So many people use the term "investment," but that sounds a little heavy, no?  This ain't a 401K, but it will hopefully last a lot longer.  Like, maybe these photos will be the really old yellowed ones that your great-great grandkids will pull from some dusty box one day and go, "Wow. That's where I must have gotten my green eyes from!"


session fee: $150

Session Fee includes a pre-session consultation, a 1-hour shoot outdoors or in your home and an online reveal and purchasing gallery with 60 hand-edited images.

Lifestyle Collections contain a mix of digital images on a USB and print products.  There are also full gallery wall options. These Collections start at $500and go up from there.

Individual matted prints start at $65.

Framed matted prints start at $165.

You only purchase what you love.


session fee: $250

Session Fee includes a pre-shoot styling session & consultation, hair & makeup for your shoot, a 4-5 hour in-studio photoshoot with 4 looks, and a portrait reveal and purchasing session with 20 hand-edited images.

Portrait Collections contain matted prints, stunning folio boxes and frames and canvases.  Digital images of purchased prints are provided.  These Collections start at $1200 and go up from there.

Individual matted prints start at $175.

Framed matted prints start at $275.

You only purchase what you love.



Oh, my, I love frames.  Absolutely love them.  I mean, what better way to encourage you to get something OFF your phone or computer or USB and ONTO you wall than a beautiful frame?!  And I adore the frames that I currently offer.  Most of my Collections for both my Portrait Sessions and Lifestyle Sessions come with at least one frame of your choice.  And I have seven to choose from.

Here are the three that have a little more "bling" and detail.  Another three (images coming soon) are natural woods.  The last two are thick black and thick white.



The silver frame is gorgeous for black & white images as well as images with cooler tones like blues and greens.  Here, the all-around monochrome look is very classic.

The gold frame is divine for images with warmer elements.  Here, the gold frame makes her skin pop with a lovely warm glow.



The black frame adds wonderful drama and can ground an image.  It's perfect for more dramatic photos as well as outdoor photos rooted in deeper tones that comes from trees, dirt and rustic elements.  It's also a great frame to help ground very colorful images. 


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Have someone in your life who would absolutely love and treasure either a Portrait or Lifestyle Session with Liza Hippler Photography?  You can give them this magical gift easily!  Purchase a gift certificate for either the session fee only or simply fill in any dollar amount and you will be mailed a gorgeous gift voucher!


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Gift Vouchers are valid for six (6) months from date of purchase.