Welcome to Your School Photo INFORMATION Page! (PLEASE READ - everything on this page is useful.)

Hello, MSF families! I had A BLAST photographing all your children! It was an honor to be invited back again this year, and it was so fun to see so many old (growing!) faces and so many new ones!

If you’re new to the school, you’ll see that I do school photos a little differently!

Now, if you weren’t planning on it already, I highly encourage you to show these photos to your kiddos.  They were all encouraged to do a “nice smile for mom” (which was way harder for some than others -  haha!), and then they were allowed to really show their personality. 

To view your child’s school photos, click on the button at the bottom of the page. Children are listed alphabetically by last name, and siblings are grouped together. Simply find your child’s name, and click.

Your gallery password is your child (or your OLDEST child’s) birthday: MMDD

Class photos will be done in March, as will photos for new students.


  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17 at midnight.

  • Final ordering deadline, which includes those who received makeup photos, is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 2019. I will place the order the next day and have them to you by the following week. Print orders will not be available after this time. You may still order digital files only. I do this because I order all the prints at once to keep costs low.


  • *DIGITAL IMAGES ARE DELIVERED VIA EMAIL IMMEDIATELY. Please download and save as the links do expire.



Here’s a helpful video for navigating your gallery and ordering! Some written instructions are below as well.

All orders are placed right though your online gallery.  Before you place your order, feel free to share you gallery with family so they can pick their favorites!

All photos have received basic editing and retouching. More retouching is available for a fee. If you do not specifically request added retouching, I will assume you are good with the way the photo is!


I do packages a little bit differently than you're used to.  Instead of having to order a SINGLE image for everything in the package, you can order a different image for each item if you want.  

So, if a package has an 8x10, 2-5x7s and a digital download, you can choose a total of four different images for each thing if you like.  Or, you're welcome to order all the same or whatever combo you want.  You just have to choose an image for each item.  So, if you DID want all the same, you'd click on the image and choose 8x10 and add it to your cart, then you'd click the same image, choose the 5x7 and add TWO to your cart, etc. 

Wallets come in groups of 4.  So, if you have a package with 8 wallets, you can choose up to two different images (or do all the same). 

If ordering a package, you’ll need to add exactly what you see in the packages in order for the discount to show up (so, if it has 2 8x10s, either choose 2 different images and choose the 8x10 size, or choose 2 of the same image in an 8x10 size).  It will show up as you continue to check out.  If you have any issues at all, feel free to email me at liza@lizahipplerphotography.com.

Digital downloads will be emailed to you immediately. Please download and save as the links do expire.

 Can’t figure out what to order?  Think about these people & places:

·      Mom & Dad’s desk/work

·      Home

·      Grandparents

·      Aunts & Uncles

·      Babysitters & Nannies

·      Canvas or Framed Print for Your Kiddo’s Room (they love seeing themselves!)