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Fun Downtown Bachelorette Party {Nashville TN Documentary Photographer}

When I got the request to shoot this bachelorette party, I was totally excited.  I had never done a bachelorette party before, despite the fact that Nashville, TN is the Bachelorette Capital of the US!  Even though this shoot was a departure from my family shoots, I wasn't at all worried because I always strive to capture connection, which can be found in any situation!

Luana clearly wanted her "last hurrah" captured with a lot of local flair and fun, especially considering she & her friends were from out-of-town and had never been here before (except one of them, a long time ago).  

Immediately upon viewing the image inspiration she'd sent me from Pinterest, I knew the EXACT locations in the pictures and decided to start our shoot under the Pedestrian Bridge and then make our way up onto it - letting the wind lead us after that! 

As is typical at the beginning of any shoot, they hadn't quite loosened up...yet.  All of a sudden they all busted out singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" and it was ON from there!  Any photo where it looks like they're singing, they are!

The obvious excitement and happiness for the bride-to-be radiated from her entertaining and hilarious bridesmaids.  Everyone was there to help her celebrate!  Her maid-of-honor even brought some classic "crime" signs that we had too much fun staging and shooting! (Keep an eye out for the ready-to-help bouncers!)

It was a fantastic shoot & these ladies will have some great images to remember their super fly night!

Want to book YOUR bachelorette shoot or have a fun girls night documented?  LET'S CHAT.

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nashville bachelorette party brick wall
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downtown nashville pedestrian bridge bachelorette party
Nashville skyline bachelorette party
five ladies having fun on pedestrian bridge nashville tn
four ladies in black dresses and one in white on Nashville pedestrian bridge for bachelorette
black and white closeup of five women celebrating upcoming marriage
cowboy boots bachelorette ladies walking away
five ladies with their arms around each other walking down nashville pedestrian bridge
five ladies with their arms up sitting in front of Florida Georgia Line House celebrating bachelorette party
bachelorette party laughing Nashville tn
bachelorette and her friends holding fun pink, black and gold signs
bachelorette in Nashville holding up pink sign that says, "Last Hurrah!"
bachelorette party crossing the street in downtown Nashville
bachelorette holding up "trophy wife" crime sign in front of red brick wall in Nashville
lady in black dress holding up "baby mama" sign in front of red brick wall in downtown Nashville
lady holding funny "selfie addict" sign while taking a selfie in Nashville
bachelorette party girl holding "keg stander" crime sign against red brick wall Nashville TN
bachelorette and friend posing for funny crime photos in Nashville
Nashville TN bachelorette party girl holding "karaoke star" crime sign in Nashville laughing
bachelorette party girl in black dresses poses with bouncer and funny sign saying "the tease" near Broadway in Nashville
Nashville TN bachelorette party waits on red carpet line to get into a club
black and white photo of bachelorette party waiting in line outside of Florida Georgia Line House in downtown Nashville TN
bachelorette and maid-of-honor hugging on 3rd and broadway in nashville tn
woman in white dress and woman in black dress having fun in downtown Nashville TN
bachelorette party crossing Broadway in Nashville TN
woman in white dress and blonde woman in black dress on Broadway in Nashville
bachelorette and bridesmaid in Nashville TN
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engagement ring closeup on bride-to-be
cowboy boots circle of shoes
ladies' cowboy boots in Nashville TN
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bachelorette party showing off funny cat spandex in Nashville
backs of 5 ladies in bachelorette party holding hands in Nashville and walking away