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Sweet Mommy & Me Session {Franklin, TN Lifestyle Photographer}

This was my 3rd time photographing this adorable cutie pie and her mama! I wholeheartedly love these two ladies and cannot express my gratitude enough that they keep trusting me to capture their special bond.

Miss H is everything and more in a little girl, from her fluffy skirts to her “why won’t you listen” behavior! Haha! What parent among us has had a kind who behaves well at this age?! They’re expected to explore and push their boundaries, and I don’t mind a bit. That’s all part of their story right now. And so is their undying love and care for each other. The shared side smiles and cuddles, how she looks at her mama and curls into her neck - it’s all part of who they are right now and it could not be sweeter.

I love Franklin’s Harlinsdale Farm for kids. There is so much space to run free without too much worry of injury! It’s definitely a fav for sunset family sessions, and senior sessions! Kids can be kids here, and parents can relax, which really lets me document the story of each family, and what’s unique to their family unit.

By the end of the shoot, Miss H and her mama were singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” together and it was too cute! Then, she ran away with her dress tucked up into her diaper! haha!

So, without further ado, let’s get to fancy Miss H and her mama!

redhead toddler gives her mom a kiss
little girl in blue dress runs around
little girl and her mom against white barn
blonde mom helps her toddler girl climb a fence
mom and toddler daughter laugh
mom and toddler girl laugh together
blonde mom sits on stone wall while talking to toddler daughter
black and white image of mom carrying thumb-sucking daughter
daughter looks out from under mom's sweater
redhead toddler in blue dress stands on dirt road
curly redhead little girl is super cute on dirt road
mom and toddler daughter laugh during golden hour
black and white image of mom holding young daughters hand and walking away
mom and daughter walking toward lake
mommy throws toddler girl in the air
black and white images of mommy and daughter hugging
red haired toddler curls
toddler girl wears cowgirl boots
little girl snuggles by mommy's side in the grass
mommy and redhead toddler daughter sit by a barn
mom and baby girl talk in black and white image
toddler girl and her mom make each other laugh
toddler girl looks lovingly at her mom
mom and baby girl make same cute face to the camera
redheaded toddler in blue fluffy dress says a prayer
close up of toddler with red curls
little girl sits in barn opening
blue eyed toddler looks up at camera
curly redhead girl in blue dress
adorable little girl poses for camera and leans against white post
collage of redhead toddler in fancy blue dress
black and white images of mother and daughter sitting by a well
mother and daughter sing itsy bitsy spider
toddler girl snuggles with mom
toddler girl running away with diaper sticking out
Farm Style Family Shoot {Franklin, TN Lifestyle Photographer}

Shannon is an amazing mama of two kiddos who attend one of the schools I photograph, so that’s how we met! Her husband is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox (who just won the World Series last year!!) and they only had a little time left until he went back up north to start the next season. So, I’d say our session was rushed a little more than usual, but you can’t tell at all!

Plus, with a lifestyle session, it’s really all about just showing up as you are that day. I don’t ask the kids to be in any kind of special mood or to smile. I don’t even mind if they cling to one parent the whole time. We play and snuggle and have a lot of fun, so it didn’t matter if there were only a few days to prepare!

I met them first at their home and they could not have been kinder or more welcoming. Since we’d be shooting in February, we were scoping out the home as our potential shooting spot because who knows what the crazy TN weather will throw our way, and we couldn’t wait until it got warmer. Ultimately, they wanted outside and it looked like the weather would hold up that weekend, so they had about 3 days to prep and get their wardrobe ready! She actually didn’t even text me, just showed up and everyone looked great! Perfect colors for the light and the season!

The kiddos got cold pretty quickly, so the little boy would get wrapped in his sister’s jacket and I gave the sister the blanket I usually bring on family lifestyle shoots, and she’d wrap up in that as we walked from spot to spot. It made shooting just a little more difficult in that they didn’t want everyone all bundled up in each photo, so we’d bundle up and then throw everything off and then bundle again and walk!

They also had their amazing dog, Nala, YES SHE IS NAMED AFTER THE LION KING, how amazing, and she was just perfect!

What really made this winter session work so well was that they’re such a close family. They’re full of love, and so quick to move toward affection, it made things so easy. They’re playful and silly and it came out in their photos.

Thank you, Shannon and family, for being one of my amazing families!

family poses by barn
mom and daughter hug in field
black and white image of mom and daughter
mom in maroon dress hugs young daughter
young daughter whispers in mom's ear black and white
dad and toddler sun look off with barn in background
dad holds young son in his arms in a field
toddler son snuggles over dad's shoulder black and white
dad holds toddler son with blue sky in the background
dad walks down dirt path with toddler son in blue plaid
family laughs together by large pond with barn in the background
blonde girl smiles for the camera in full sun
blonde mom in maroon dress carries toddler boy in blue plaid
black and white of toddler boy snuggling on mom's arm
young blonde brother and sister snuggle under mexican blanket
black and white of young siblings snuggling under blanket outside being silly
siblings popping out of mexican blanket outside
young brother and sister being goofballs with blanket in the grass
family walks along dirt path black and white
barn setting with family walking downhill
black and white image of family walking
loving family snuggles and smooches outside
daddy tosses daughter up into the air
daddy smooches young daughter in beautiful light by the lake
dad tosses toddler son into the air with the sunset in the back
toddler boy gets tossed high into the air by his dad
mommy being silly with daughter
family laughs and mom and young daughter being silly
mom helps daughter put on shoes
family snuggles in opening of barn in golden hour light
furry white dog sits wiith family
black and white photo of family snuggling in barn
mom snuggles toddler son in golden hour light
dad tickles young daughter
mom in burnt orange dress gets cheeky with dad
white labradoodle looks out over giant pond
man gets big hug from giant dog
blonde mom and her two young children snuggle under a blanket in a field
family relaxes and plays by the lake while dog looks on
mom and dad squeeze in some snuggle time by the lake
beautiful photo of blonde wife and her husband snuggling at sunset
little girl twirls as the sun goes down
boy throws rocks into the lake at sunset time
black and white image of family sitting in front of a barn
mom kisses neck of tired daughter
young girl walks in the cold with blanket and snuggles with her stuffed animal
Rainbows and Orange Glows {Franklin, TN High School Senior Photographer}

You guys. YOU GUYS. I was DYING this entire senior shoot. And I came back to life and died again as I was editing it. We almost didn’t shoot this day. It had been raining for what felt like months, but we kept it on the books because I’m all about calling it at the last minute (because we all know the weather apps aren’t the most accurate all the time…just sayin’.).

My amazing hair & makeup gal, Brittany Nelson, and I showed up at Jadyn’s house a few hours before sunset. We were to do some last-minute wardrobe picks (as is natch with seniors involved in like a billion things) and get her hairs did and makeup looking gorgeously natural. We hung out in her mom’s giant bathroom while Brittany curled and styled and glossed.

Finally, wardrobe pressed and hairs in place, we got in our cars and drove out to Harlinsdale Farm - one THE TOP go-to spots for photographers around here. I mean, you seriously cannot shoot without seeing at least a dozen other photographers. It’s a sprawling place, with beautiful grounds, various barns, a pondy-lake (lakey-pond?) and lots of photo ops - plus, it costs NOTHING to shoot there, so, score.

HOWEVER, this day was different. Harlinsdale Farm was three days out from hosting a huge weekend-long music festival, so you could shoot there, but you couldn’t park there. That meant that a lot of photographers thought you weren’t allowed in at all. Plus, as we drove, it started to sprinkle…and the sky was almost black off in the distance. I wasn’t sure if it was heading out way, but I was like WE ARE DOING THIS. Literally ZERO other photographers thought the same thing that day. It was just us.

My senior girl, her mom and I walked across the street as the rain stopped. Then, over the course of the next hour, we had the most magical high school senior photo shoot EVER.

The light was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. As the sun began to shine through we got a RAINBOW, you guys. a FULL RAINBOW. And then, a DOUBLE RAINBOW! This rainbow is NOT photoshopped! haha! And then it was crazy what the sun did - it turned everything orange. Now, we all know what a beautiful sunset is like, but there was something about the combination of the humidity and the storms that had been around and this…SUNSET…everything was ORANGE. It was almost like an orange fog came and touched everything - like you had put on orange glasses. It was wild and beautiful and the slightest bit eerie because you felt like you were trapped in it, like you wanted to swipe it away with your arms like you would a spider web, but there was nothing that you could grasp.

It made for a gorgeous session with Jadyn. Her green eyes and her choice of outfits - just perfect. She’s not big into photos. Wasn’t really sure if she wanted to have a senior session at all. She even told her mom she was only doing it for her. But as the hour turned magical, she had a lot of fun. And then…she loved her photos.

They ordered a 12x12 hardcover Senior Heirloom Album and I cannot wait to deliver it!

Also, I have like 2 photos in here that don’t have Jadyn in them at all - I just couldn’t believe the SKY that night!!!

high school senior girl  in overalls
harlinsdale farm senior girl photoshoot
blonde high school senior in white tshirt and blue overalls
blonde high school senior leans against white wall
old white barn with high school girl
female high school senior against white barn
beautiful old white barn used for senior shoot
17 year old girl sits on fence by barn wearing overalls
high school senior girl throws hands up to celebrate
color and black and white photo of high school senior
blonde high school senior in blue flowered dress sits on stone wall
adorable high school senior girl makes cute faces
17 year old girl in blue dress sits on stone wall
high school senior girl laughs for photos
17 year old blonde girl in black and white photo leans on stone wall
green-eyed high school senior smiles
black and white close up photo of high school senior with braid in her hair
high school senior girl with green eyes looks at camera
17 year old girl lies on grass with hair fanned out for photos
senior girl in blue dress dances on grass for photo shoot
teenage girl twirls
legs of teenage girl as she twirls in a floral dress
female high school senior faces white brick wall and smiles
various pose ideas for high school senior girl photos
teenage girl leans on white brick wall in dress and bare feet
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franklin tn high school senior girl eyelash closeup
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rainbow in senior photo shoot franklin tn
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rainbow shows up for blonde high school senior photo shoot in franklin tn
teenage girl stands on white fence in shorts and tank top
silhouette of high school senior girl
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double rainbow over harlinsdale farm franklin tn
high school senior gives thumbs up during her photo shoot
blonde senior in plantation dress poses for senior shoot
close up of high school senior girl witih green eyes
pose ideas for high school senior session
high school senior girl being adorable near white stables
franklin tn high school senior photo session
senior girl walks along white horse stables in plantation maxi dress looking at the sunset
black and white photo of high school senior looking out at sunset from harlinsdale farm stables
senior session photo of 17 year old girl by white stables
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