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Triplets Graduate High School {Nashville, TN Senior Photographer}

2014. TPAC stage. A woman with brilliantly curly hair reads her story of being pregnant with and the early months of having triplets almost 14 years prior. A photo flashes on the large screen behind her of three barely-toddlers in yellow Fisher Price swings - all of them fast asleep with their arms limp and necks hanging in those funny ways that only babies’ bodies can when they’re exhausted. The woman reads that this was the only way she could get them to fall asleep at the same time.

That show was called Listen to Your Mother, and I got to share the stage with that amazing mom and many more as we all read stories of motherhood. (If you’ve got 10 minutes and want a laugh, this is mine! haha!)

Four years later, she called me and said they were graduating high school and wanted me to be their senior photographer. I was honored!

We shot in downtown Nashville, where the family likes to spend time together. I pretty much fell in love with all three of these kids during this shoot - they’re all so different and smart and creative and so open and ready for the next step in life. My friend and her husband have raised three beautiful humans with three beautiful souls and it was awesome to photograph them. Unlike my other senior sessions, shooting triplets was definitely a first!

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Rainbows and Orange Glows {Franklin, TN High School Senior Photographer}

You guys. YOU GUYS. I was DYING this entire senior shoot. And I came back to life and died again as I was editing it. We almost didn’t shoot this day. It had been raining for what felt like months, but we kept it on the books because I’m all about calling it at the last minute (because we all know the weather apps aren’t the most accurate all the time…just sayin’.).

My amazing hair & makeup gal, Brittany Nelson, and I showed up at Jadyn’s house a few hours before sunset. We were to do some last-minute wardrobe picks (as is natch with seniors involved in like a billion things) and get her hairs did and makeup looking gorgeously natural. We hung out in her mom’s giant bathroom while Brittany curled and styled and glossed.

Finally, wardrobe pressed and hairs in place, we got in our cars and drove out to Harlinsdale Farm - one THE TOP go-to spots for photographers around here. I mean, you seriously cannot shoot without seeing at least a dozen other photographers. It’s a sprawling place, with beautiful grounds, various barns, a pondy-lake (lakey-pond?) and lots of photo ops - plus, it costs NOTHING to shoot there, so, score.

HOWEVER, this day was different. Harlinsdale Farm was three days out from hosting a huge weekend-long music festival, so you could shoot there, but you couldn’t park there. That meant that a lot of photographers thought you weren’t allowed in at all. Plus, as we drove, it started to sprinkle…and the sky was almost black off in the distance. I wasn’t sure if it was heading out way, but I was like WE ARE DOING THIS. Literally ZERO other photographers thought the same thing that day. It was just us.

My senior girl, her mom and I walked across the street as the rain stopped. Then, over the course of the next hour, we had the most magical high school senior photo shoot EVER.

The light was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. As the sun began to shine through we got a RAINBOW, you guys. a FULL RAINBOW. And then, a DOUBLE RAINBOW! This rainbow is NOT photoshopped! haha! And then it was crazy what the sun did - it turned everything orange. Now, we all know what a beautiful sunset is like, but there was something about the combination of the humidity and the storms that had been around and this…SUNSET…everything was ORANGE. It was almost like an orange fog came and touched everything - like you had put on orange glasses. It was wild and beautiful and the slightest bit eerie because you felt like you were trapped in it, like you wanted to swipe it away with your arms like you would a spider web, but there was nothing that you could grasp.

It made for a gorgeous session with Jadyn. Her green eyes and her choice of outfits - just perfect. She’s not big into photos. Wasn’t really sure if she wanted to have a senior session at all. She even told her mom she was only doing it for her. But as the hour turned magical, she had a lot of fun. And then…she loved her photos.

They ordered a 12x12 hardcover Senior Heirloom Album and I cannot wait to deliver it!

Also, I have like 2 photos in here that don’t have Jadyn in them at all - I just couldn’t believe the SKY that night!!!

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