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Kiddo Personality Portraits: Part 2 {franklin, tn family photographer}

Last week, I kicked off a 5-part series called “Kiddo Personality Portraits” that stems from the power portrait minis I did several weeks ago.

You can check out Part 1 HERE!

The only thing people had to do to get some photos was to purchase one of Kate T. Parker’s books “Strong is the New Pretty” or “Heart of a Boy,” and they’d get a 5-minute mini session for one kiddo. I know 5 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but we got a TON of pure gold.

Kate’s books are all about celebrating children for who they are, just as they are. I fell in love with the images, story and heart in “Strong is the New Pretty” and wanted to share it with others. In keeping with the sentiment behind her book (and in keeping with how I prefer to work with children, anyway), I told parents to let their kids dress themselves. That meant that some came in bathing suits, some in pajamas and even one girl came in a swim cap, goggles, rainbow tutu and mardi gras beads! It was perfect!

This week we’ve got a sister & brother, another sister & brother and then their adorable new-big-brother cousin in a cape!

A shoot like this can be purchased as well if you want something similar for your children. They make great images for playrooms, kids bedrooms and common areas!

girl in swim cap
three photos of swimmer girl
close up of girl putting on goggles
swimmer girl pretending to dive
boy smiles
young boy side eyes camera
funny boy jumps from bench
blue-eyed boy looks up at camera
black and white portraits of young boy
girl holds pink polaroid camera
girl poses with sunglasses
girl with double french braids spins
black and white close up of girl with french braids
young boy with ball cap and baseball mitt
black and white image of close-up of boy with baseball mitt
boy holds out baseball
black and white image of young boy with baseball cap
young pitches baseball
toddler redhead boy closeup
black and white image of toddler boy with cute cheeks
boy toddler wears big brother cape
cute little boy in cape
toddler big brother runs around in a blue cape