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Trace Construction - Franklin, TN Real Estate Photography

Oh my goodness, you guys, I recently had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this stunning home in Franklin, TN built by Trace Construction, Inc.  Admittedly, they also built my parents' house a few years ago, and the owner, Lindsay, DOES live in this house...which is right next to my parents' house, BUT STILL.  One day Lindsay asks, "Do you do real estate photography," and I knew his house and other houses he's built and I'm all SURE! BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS!  No, I didn't lie, but I did tell him I'd love to give it a shot.  And he was game.  And, thankfully, I'm happy with the way the shoot turned out.  More thankfully, so are he and his wife.

On to photos!  Here is the front of the house, and as lovely as it is, I find it deceiving as to what lies inside (and outside) its doors.

So, you walk into this lovely, long bricked foyer with gas lights and you come upon this unbelievable, openliving room/kitchen space with two glass garage doors that open to the outside living space.  YES. GLASS GARAGE DOORS. IN THE LIVING ROOM.

And then there's this kitchen island.  I'm game to sit and have some wine and appetizers, yes?  And you see that glass garage door?  Yup, me, too.

And then there's the master bedroom, which is like a beautiful, pastel oasis of beauty.  The doors lead to the outside living space.

Ok, so check out this bathroom.  The shower is basically a separate ROOM with his and her rain showers and various other shower heads on either side with a gorgeous tub in the middle.  All complete with his/her entrances and his/her bathrooms on either side of the shower.  It's pretty much the perfect bathroom to say, "Hey, I love you, now excuse me while I tend to myself by myself."

And what decent home these days is complete without a game room, AMIRIGHT?  I can only assume this is what the househunter people on HGTV are talking about when they say they need space "to entertain."

And, just so you don't stumble upon the wrong gender when using the loo, you're all covered here with a women's and men's bathroom decorated oh-so-awesomely.

This was one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Perfect for the daughter when she comes home from college.  Don't you just want to nap in here?

And how awesome is this boy's room with a little Minecraft flair?!

But let's get serious about our relaxing/partying and head back outside, shall we?  Here's the outdoor patio/porch space. (Great shot of the garage doors to the home open.)

And then there's this...

See what I mean about the front being deceiving?  Pool, chairs, bar, three TVs under that big outdoor bar area.

See that "Saloon" sign?  That's on a deck area attached to the game room.  You just follow a spiral staircase downstairs right to the bar at the pool (image on right).

So, this is the perfect place to relax, swim, and stay-cation like crazy during the day.  But at night? Party city.  Stairs by the bar over there are for swimming up and having someone hand you your mai tai.  The dual-sided fireplace is perfect for getting cozy.


So, in short, I want to live here.  Ha!  Seriously, this is a beautiful, beautiful home and I loved photographing it.  Now, go Pin some of these images to your "Dream Home" boards!