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The sessions were amazing! Thank you, mamas, for coming out, trusting me, and supporting such a cool book for you and your kids! I heard the best stories of your kids loving the books & how it opened up all kinds of conversations!

close ups of various kids


The galleries will last for at least 2 weeks, so feel free to share them with family and friends! But also make sure to download and save all your images!

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If you share any images on social (& I encourage you to!) PLEASE tag me. My Instagram is @lizahippler and my Facebook is Liza Hippler Photography. If you talk about the books and how the session worked, please also tag @strongisthenewpretty and @katetparker so she knows we love her work! She’s super responsive on social.


I had several moms say there were hoping to print some images! Wonderful! My favorite spot is MPIX.COM - they are owned by one of the pro labs I use regularly, but they are for the non-pro consumer. They do awesome work! And, while I love Shutterfly for their albums, I’m not a big fan of their prints. Their color is usually slightly off.


If you love your photos & find yourself thinking “how do I ever say thank you?!” (haha!), you can thank me with a REVIEW! A lot of people won’t book mini sessions because they think 20/25 minutes is too short, but you saw all the great stuff we can get in 5 minutes, so even talking about that would be great!

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