Strong + Heart Super Mini Sessions

 Buy a book, your kids get a super mini power portrait.


I love these books. I think their imagery is stunning & their message is beautiful, timely and perfect. I believe these books should be in every home and that they should be used as inspiration for all our children. I even think homes with all girls or all boys should own the other gender’s book to help bridge a connection & fondness for the hearts and minds of the other.

I hope to be able to create something as impactful & beautiful at some point (though very different), and I believe wholeheartedly in helping to spread the transformative work of others.

SO… I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

Strong + Heart Super Mini Power Portraits


Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy one book PER KID that you want to get a Power Portrait. You can give extras to friends or let each of your kiddos have their very own copy. ;)

  2. Take time to go through them with your kids, read the quotes and the stories, ask them questions such as which story is funny, inspiring, unexpected, etc.

  3. Bring your book to your Power Portrait and have your kiddo show me his/her favorite page.

The shoot details:

  • I’ll be booking 1 kiddo every 5 minues.

  • Each reserved spot is for ONE kid, so reserve the amount of spots that you have kids.

  • These are individual portraits only - no sibling shots & no family shots.

  • Have your kiddo wear & bring whatever they love! Whatever is special to them! This is about your kid simply being who he/she is. This is NOT the occasion to buy a new dress that she’ll never wear again, but rather the occasion for her to wear her favorite mismatched pajamas & bring her loved-on blanket! Or come in a princess dress or sports uniform! Anything that your child is genuinely HAPPY in.



DATE: Saturday, June 15th (will add a second date if this fills up)

TIME: 2pm - 5pm

LOCATION: TBD Franklin/Brentwood, TN

YOU GET: 5 edited photos of your kiddo!