Luxury Portrait Session with Jen {Franklin, TN Portrait Photographer}


Ooooh, I had so much fun with Jen in her session!  When I shoot females (grads, 20-somethings, moms, women), I love to start with the look that is the most "them."  Something they might wear at home or out to dinner with friends.  In this case, we went with the "just threw this on while I sip coffee and work on my laptop, but am ready to head out the door at a moment's notice" look.  Haha!  

It's always best to show up with no makeup so that my stellar makeup artist can do her magic! First looks are usually nice and clean and bright.


Pretty sure we kept laughing here because we were all talking about having babies and our husbands' reactions when in the delivery room.  I have photos of my husband with his head in his hand and a very "I can't handle" vibe happening.  Because, you know, it was all sunshine and rainbows for me. Ha!

Moving on!

From there, we dial it up.  I really love to get to know my clients and understand what they have hidden in their personalities and in their souls and try to bring that out.  Feminine?  Edgy?  A love of old Hollywood or Elizabethan times?  Maybe they're always in charge and outgoing in life, but they have a soft side they want represented.  With my four-look sessions, we can do both - plus two more!

Jen was really excited about the tulle skirt I have in my studio for her portrait session (I have many lovely things for my clients!).  We wanted to get a little sexy, but still keep it soft and feminine.  I simply love creating some artistic lighting for this kind of look.  


Then, we kind of cheated and added half a look.  I mean, when you have a shirt that fabulous and there just aren't a TON of places to wear it around the honky tonks of Nashville, what's a girl to do except use it for a portrat photoshoot?! AMIRIGHT?


Then we went into her third look, which I think we all had the most fun with.  Brittany (my hair & makeup artist) and I put this look together with the clothes that Jen brought for her shoot - and she brought these because we talked about a boho look - and Jen was so excited and said her mom always calls her Janis for Janis Joplin!  


Once she was all done up and had her hair and makeup fixed up for this look and I looked at her through my lens I said, "I know what I want to do!"  I often get inspired right there on the spot and will make last-minute adjustments based on the vibe I'm getting.  I wanted her to look a little like papparazzi were shooting her and flashing their flashes in her face.  Makes me so happy. 

The order in which we shoot the four looks really depends on what Brittany has to say about hair and makeup.  We want a good flow of hair up, down, curls, braids, whatever, and we don't want to have to go from a really heavy makeup look all the way BACK to something simpler.  Because of that, we had the Old Hollywood look last.  Although I have a similar dress in my in-home photography studio, Jen happened to have this from a wedding!  The mink was my grandmother's (thanks, grandma).


Isn't she FAB?  Here's a little behind-the-scenes peek, too!  Like I said, my studio is in my house - and it's through the playroom (ha!), but I just love the princess vanity right outside the door where we're doing real-life dress up.


Ladies, rarely is there a "right" time to do a portrait session.  For many, it can feel indulgent and selfish, but for every woman who has stepped into my studio and come out with beautiful images of themselves, it has been completely worth it.  And, think of it this way, you'll now have gorgeous portraits to pass down in your family for generations to come.

Liza Hippler is a lifestyle and portrait photographer located in Franklin, TN.  She serves the Middle TN and surrounding areas including Brentwood, Nashville and Spring Hill.  She would love to talk with you about how you want to be photographed.  

10 Reasons You Should Want (& Have) an In-Home Lifestyle Photography Session

10 Reasons to Want (& Have) an In-Home LIfestyle Photography Session.png

Your kids.  You love them, they're the most beautiful, precious things in the world.  And you want DESPERATELY to capture them in an equally beautiful and precious photo, with them SMILING real smiles - not their current, odd, fake smile that makes them look like they kill birds in the backyard - and you want them with their arms around each other looking simply like the BEST, MOST WELL-BEHAVED, GORGEOUS children on the planet.

In short, you want this photo to completely MISREPRESENT who your kids are.  Misrepresenting kids in general, really.  Kids are wild.  They are shy.  They cry, they jump, scream, laugh.  They use their entire bodies to express themselves.  They hit their sister, hug their brother, give sloppy kisses and spit in anger.  They are uninhibited and learning about life.


I mean, right?  I have two girls - ages 4 and 7.  They are INSANE.  Smart, pretty, hilarious...and freakin' NUTS.  And while I, like everyone, will beg, plead and bribe them to stand, arms just right and smiles just lovely, it's rare that that kind of experience doesn't end with tears and anger and my youngest yelling something like, "YOU OLD RAT!" (Because she did that once.)

And the good and the bad about this?  It's ONLY FOR A LITTLE WHILE.  Even this time next year, or in six months, will not look like it does now.  Especially for the littlest of little ones.  


So, instead of choosing to have a lovely photoshoot in a lovely field where you aim toward the most perfect over-the-mantle canvas with some gilded ornate frame and you have lots of non-lovely feelings about your kids running wild and your husband getting all annoyed because this NEVER goes well, and you are now annoyed at EVERYONE and everyone will go home and EAT DINNER IN SILENCE BECAUSE OUR FAMILY WAS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE WE ARE LOVELY IN THESE PHOTOS AND NOBODY DID ANYTHING RIGHT!! GIVE ME THE WINE!!!

Well...what if...doing a photoshoot just...letting everyone be.  Just as they are.  Kids.  Dad.  And, yes, YOU.


So, let's get into

10 wonderful reasons to want (& have) an in-home lifestyle photography session, like, ASAP (because it all changes so fast!!).

10. No Loading Up the Car.  Isn't that grand?!  No remembering to pack this and that.  No worrying about kids messing up their hair or spilling snacks or drinks on their photoshoot-only clothes that they can only look at through glass until the day of the shoot!

9. No Photoshoot-Only Clothes or Hair.  Yes!  Save money this way!  And no fancy photoshoot-only hair which really means that kids run and scream and don't do their hair and mom and dad yell (and dad pops open a beer.  Just us?).  NONE OF THAT!  In fact, it's almost BETTER if your kid has her crazy bed-head when I or your photographer show up!  Eventually, their hair will grow out and won't stick up like that.  Why not leave it alone and brush it half-way through the shoot after getting some adorable and slightly hilarious just-woke-up shots?  In fact, your kiddo can just be in a DIAPER!  You don't have to dress them AT ALL if you don't want!  Save dressing time for the sweetest of images - after capturing some diaper-only shots, of course!

8. Snacks & Bathrooms.  ARE RIGHT THERE.  I mean, mic drop, yes?  MIC-FREAKIN'-DROP. 


7. All the Wardrobe Changes You Want!  Your kiddos can go from pajamas to a fancy dress, to suspenders, to princess high heels and boas.  Or an Einstein wig, purple necklace and a silver shield if you've got kids like I do.


6. Mama Can Take Her Time.  Now that you've FINALLY gotten your kids ready and shoved them off to hang out with Dad, you barely have the time you wanted to get your hairs all did up nice.  But with an in-home lifestyle photoshoot, I am or your photographer is likely to come and focus on the kiddos alone first, leaving you time to leisurely apply some mascara and rouge.  And you don't have to get fancy AT ALL.  I mean, if I were being photographed, I'd slap on some makeup so I didn't look like a man and then I'd go with my NICEST pair of comfy pants and fuzzy socks.  And some kind of top, too.  You know.  Don't want to make it all awkward. 

5. Dad's Love It.  I sh*t you not.  EVERY. SINGLE. lifestyle session I have EVER had (in-home and outdoors - because you can do this kind of thing outside), dads say to me, "That wasn't that bad! That was the best time I've ever had at a photoshoot!"  HA!  Winning with the dads.  And mamas, we all know we might be able to swing ANOTHER session next year if Dad has a fond memory of the last one, right?! Because in a lifestyle session, dads get to do stuff like this with their kids:


And, I'm sorry, what dad does not want the sweetest bedtime book-reading routine with his little lady documented?  Is this not something he'll look back on FOR DECADES? Like her wedding day?  And then his little girl will show HER kids one day, when she sits reading to THEM.


4. Naps & Bedtime Routines.  Ok, so it's REEEALLY unlikely that I or your photographer would be at your house for like 10 hours, so, you know, we just get sneaky sometimes and PRETEND to do a little bedtime routine, just to capture it.  And kids usually think it's super fun to get in jammies and play bedtime.  But, it can certainly be likely that we can run right into naptime.  In fact, if you have a kiddo that still naps, I love to plan it so our session ends right around then.  Because then you get this:


3. You Might Move One Day.  And if you do, it's wonderful to look back and remember your old house.  You might move when your kids are little and they won't remember their first room with their crib, and train table of toys and how they loved to open and close the shutters.  But whey they ask about it and you tell them, you can pull up these images.

2. In-Between Moments.  This is where the family magic happens.  These moments are the intimate fibers of our familial being.  Where you're enjoying a cup of coffee and the littlest wants to smell it.  Where you're about to give a horsey ride and, instead of taking the photo once your kiddo is all saddled up, you have the memory of how you used to have to LIFT him up.  And how, no matter the highs and lows of crazy that having kids can bring, you can still laugh with your spouse.


1. Home Is Where the Heart Is.  So shouldn't it stand to reason that the home is the absolute BEST place for capturing your family, the love within, the silliness, the seriousness - all of your family's whole personality and that of the individuals that comprise it?  I think so.


Liza Hippler is a portrait and family lifestyle photographer located in Franklin, TN. She serves the Middle TN & surrounding areas including Brentwood, Spring Hill and Nashville.  She would love to talk to you about what you're looking to capture about your life now. She is available for travel.

Best Mother's Day Gift Idea: A Contemporary Portrait Session {franklin, tn portrait photographer}

We don't often place a high enough value on what mothers do.  This year, treat yourself, your wife, or a mom you love to something wonderfully special, good for the soul, and that can be passed on for generations.  Wondering what to get that special mom in your life?  How about a Contemporary Portrait Session with Liza Hippler Photography?  

A portrait session with me is a one-of-a-kind experience.  We take you - with professional hair and makeup - through a range of four different looks spanning your most "you" to something completely out of the box, but also completely on-par with who you are.  It's a day of magic.  One mom said, "It was one of the best experiences of my mama life."  

Mom can come in and have a session with someone significant - mother, grandmother, best friend, daughter - or simply take the day to celebrate herself. 

You can purchase gift vouchers HERE.

And...feel free to share this email to someone who might want a little hint in what to get for you. ;)

Introducing: Photos of Your Life - Highs, Lows, Wins & Losses {franklin, tn portrait photographer}

Image & poem.  More details below about how it came to be, plans for others, and about how YOU can get your story told in an image.

Here comes the wash
of change
the wind and rain
to peel

these layered paints.

Pain will not dissolve

it will peel like skin in a sea
so dead

it floats.

I choose the red
raw, prickled
flesh of a new day

sunrise on
a sea I did not know
before it ran

                          water water

before it crossed
my face.

I see what the dead sea
shows me

                         water water

running to an ocean
thick with salt

my paint crackles-
          old canvas
older wooden frame

this house belongs
           or should I say
belonged to

                         water water

running to an ocean
eyes and cheeks awash

thick with salt
             and thick with salt

what salt
in father's eye?

What father then?

               What mother?

Image: Liza Hippler   |    Poem: Noah Leventhal

This image is of Mark Montgomery - a prominent figure here in the Nashville startup and biz scene.  He lost his wife to cancer in July 2015.  She left him and his four-year-old red-headed wild child behind.  

It's his story that started what I'm currently calling the "All of Us Project," though I have no doubt the name will change.

I knew him peripherally and I knew his wife because we were in a show together called "Listen to Your Mother."  She was - as many people will say about someone who has died tragically too young, but hers is one of the truest ones - a light to everyone she knew. You can view her story from the show HERE, and the one I read at the show HERE.  Hers is much more powerful.

Mark and I are friends on FB and I saw his grieving on there as much as he would show it, and I believe I read into it deeply, imaging this powerful man, a man known for his no-bullshit approach to life and business, I imagined him and his daughter (having two of my own, I know what he was up against and I can barely handle it with the help of my husband some days), that he was barely surviving.  I imagined that, through his brokenness, that he would have to change somehow.  He would see what it meant to be a parent through and through - in the dark hours of the night and when the daylight shines on her youth.  Everything was probably breaking, I thought.  And, in my storyteller mind, I imagined that it would have to be put back together carefully, softly, so as not to break or topple the tower as it got clumsily mortared back together.

And as I continued to imagine, Mark took a trip to the beach in October 2016.  For quite a good number of weeks, I believe, and he was able to take a lot of it alone while have others who love him care for his daughter.  He would write on FB and subsequently on his blog about going there wanting to die, but then the cleansing of the ocean.  It was magical.  It was "washing away his grime," he said.  

And I thought of this image.  Actually, in all honesty, I originally thought of painting his face to look more like a cartoon of a stern businessman, but as I made my own paint (normal face paints wouldn't drip) and I bargained with my six year old to let me practice on her, I saw it did not drip in telltale droplets from the crown of the head like I pictured, but it peeled.   It peeled like paint, like grime, and I thought: PERFECT.

I sent him a message in October with my idea.  We finally shot it in March.  In those months, I started to have other ideas for other people with their own stories - stories that were uniquely their own, but, like most, completely universal.  I have always had a passion for helping people to not feel so alone - either through humor or through sharing of stories.  So, the idea of a book came about.  A book of images like these paired with original poems.  I contacted the son of a lawyer I used to work for, Noah Leventhal, who recently graduated and has studied poetry in very prestigious institutions.  He wrote this poem for this story of loss and a gradual rebuilding.

I want to make more and more of these and share them in a book so that people everywhere can see and read and find some that make them say, "That's me, too.  Someone else understands."  And it might be WINS or LOSES, UPS or DOWNS.  

So, I'm open to hearing your story.  Where have you struggled?  Felt alone?  Left for dead?  Or so far at the top no one could hear you?  If you would like to be considered to have your story told in image and poem, send it to me.

Share this post with anyone you think might want to share their story.  And, thank you, Mark, for trusting me and being the first to give your story to my lens and Noah's words.  (And thank you for letting me pour too-hot and then too-cold water over your head. Ha!)

Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Photographing Your Children: Through the Window {franklin, tn family lifestyle photographer}

So often as parents we say, "Stay here, I'll be back in a second," right? Maybe we need to run upstairs to grab something and don't want our toddler clunking up eight steps in the time it would have taken us to run up and down past her about 14, waving hello as we flew by.  For me, this time is walking the dog - either in the freezing cold, the boiling heat or simply when my kids whine I DON'T WANT TO GO.  So, there they are, left looking at me out the window.  Taking a photo of your kid with you on one side of the window and them on the other is a great way to show just how much we really are in two different worlds.  Maybe they're on the other side having tons of fun without you, or maybe, like this one, they wish they could grow up fast and be an adult just like you.  If you try a photo like this, put it on Instagram and tag #lhp-throughthewindow - let me see what you've got!

2nd Annual Photos with Santa Sessions {Franklin, TN Child Photography}

Is there any more magical time of the year?

Even now as a mom I can feel the magic of the excitement that my little girls have each Christmas season.  I remember I would walk up early - I'm talking like 3am early - and I would sneak downstairs guys...


I would view every single present and, without touching, try to guess what was in them.  Then, I would pop in this Disney Christmas Special movie and wait until 5am, when my generous (now I realize HOW generous!) parents told me I could wake them. 

What makes the holiday season the most magical is MAKING the magic along the way - looking at Christmas lights, watching Rudolph and Frosty on TV, and...meeting Santa Claus.

It is such a joy to be able to offer Santa Sessions along with Andrea Farmer Photography and to be a part of the magic that gets strung along during the holiday season.  It's so awesome to give kids one-on-one time with Santa - away from the long lines at the mall- where they can go over their Christmas list, listen to him read a book and whisper secrets in his ear.

This year we have rented a beautiful studio in Nashville that offers an airy shabby chic feel.  We will have 2-3 setups for you guys - Santa and then one or two others just for kids and family - so perfect for holiday cards and annual holiday memorabilia. 



  • Sunday, November 20 
  • 10:30am - 2:00pm
  • Booking families every 15 minutes
  • $99 session fee for session only (due upon booking, non-refundable, transferrable)
  • Digital & print package purchase options (email me for these details)
  • Free ornament gift with early package purchase (details with pricing sheet)

Liza Hippler is a lifestyle photographer serving the Middle Tennessee area including Franklin TN, Brentwood TN, Nashville TN, Spring Hill TN, Thompson Station TN, Belle Meade TN and surrounding areas.  She specializes in families, children, babies, newborns and maternity photography. She would love to hear from you and be your Nashville photographer for your next session.

Lifestyle Model Call {franklin, tn family lifestyle photographer}

Recently, I took a brilliant photography course all about lifestyle photography.  It's funny, as I went through it, it hit home so deeply, and I found myself going, "YES! YES! THIS! SO MUCH THIS!"  

I've always found it a little awkward to do more formal portrait-style posing, and I have DEFINITELY found that children like traditional portraits about as much as they like sitting still and quiet during church...or on airplanes (unless it's just my kids loudly demanding for more gummies and an iPhone??). 

So, as I took this course and realized that lifestyle photography was very real and very legit (too legit to quit, perhaps), I was so excited.  I have always resonated with a more relaxed shooting style - one that guides people naturally into connection.  Even back when I was shooting film headshots in Los Angeles, I would give people scenarios to embody instead of things like, "Head up, chin to the left, chin down, chin up, up, more down, less up, shoulder back, don't blink, or move, more with the eyes...." (Not that my Nashville, TN business headshot clients don't get some of that, but STILL.)


ANYWAY, I was so moved and felt so like this was ME at my core, that I went out and did a model call for a few families to help me revamp my portfolio to reflect this new style.  I had SO MANY AMAZING FAMILIES respond!!  It was hard to narrow it down, so I really went with what *I* needed in my portfolio to give it a look of different families all just, well, being themselves, really!

My first official lifestyle shoot was with Nayoon and her adorable family.  She sent me photos of these ready-for-Gap-ad kiddos and I was like YES.  Haha!

And then she wrote to me and say her husband just got an old Cadillac and could we maybe use that in photos!  HELLO!! Um...YES?!


So, based on their little questionnaire, I choose a location for them.  And, I have to say, I pride myself on location picking.  I try my best to match the scene to my families, and I have had every single one so far respond that they either love that place or that, unbeknownst to me, it has special meaning for them.  It's so awesome!  

One of the things I LOVE about this kind of photography is the ease and the go-with-the-flow-ness (real thing).  So, you know, if your previously-presumed-camera-shy son suddenly discovers a complete fascination with the camera and turns into a ham, running away from the "everyone sit and snuggle" shot, it's fine!  It's totally fine, mamas!  Because LOOK at how cute...


He just kept running back and forth from me to his family, giving me all his glorious 2-year-old expressions! (And probably loving that no one was making him sit and smile!)


And then there was his beautiful sister, who is 5, and really, when you're a girl and you're 5, things are a little more serious, right?  You want to look beautiful and twirl and talk grown up talk.  (I know, I have a 6 year old girl.)  And so she did. 


It's so fun for me to see how siblings interact.  Having two girls (who are a little nutty...or a lot nutty, depending on the time of day) and their love-you/get-out-of-my-face relationship, I love being a witness to other siblings and watching them (and capturing them) simply play together.


It's important to me to always get a few shots of mom and dad together.  I mean, that's how it all started, right?!  Just two people and then BOOM, a baby.  And, just like in life, the focus goes so much on family that we can forget to the core connection of mom and dad.


And then it's time to melt your heart.  Mommy with her kids and daddy with his kids.  Being a parent, I understand every look of love and look of "stop it" that parents give.  And I know every look of "Mommy, you're the best" and "Mommy, you're so annoying."  And I understand how our hearts are now running around outside our bodies.


Something that I find very important, too, is to get some shots of mom all by herself.  Man, moms hold down some FORTS, don't we?  And rarely, RARELY, are we ever in our own photos, let alone get a shot of us as we are today, a wife, a mom a warrior (cheesy, maybe, but whatever).  Kids should have photos of mom to look back at.  And mom should have photos to look at say, "Yes. This is me.  I feel good where I am."

Liza Hippler is a lifestyle photographer serving the Middle Tennessee area including Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Spring Hill, Thompson Station, Belle Meade and surrounding areas.  She specializes in families, children, babies, newborns and maternity. She would love to hear from you and be your Nashville photographer for your next session.

Celebrate Mothers: Part 1 {franklin, tn family photographer}

This past April was my first annual Celebrate Mothers Mini Session Event.  It was three days of just mamas and their babies (of any age!).  Along the way, I learned a few things I'd do a teeny bit differently next year, but what I got out of it the most was HOW MUCH LOVE there is between mothers and their babes.  Oh, my.  Each session left my heart warmed!  And so did the COLLAGES!

My first session was with Lisa and her girls, Kate and Anna.  Anna is now THREE and I also got to shoot her six month photos (see them HERE). If you look, you'll see some things never change - she broke down during that shoot and she broke down during this one!  One of the things that endears me most to Lisa is how she loves the photos of the kids losing it!  It's just such a natural part of motherhood/childhood - I love mommies that embrace it!  (See Anna down there in the corner?  Still so pretty through all the tears!)  We got her to smile eventually, though.  The shoot was in my backyard, so we had her hop on the YELLOW swing (much more desirable than the green one, you know), and that improved her mood immediately. 

By far my favorite "perk" of this session was the mother-child collages.  Each mother wrote a little letter to their children describing what they wanted to remember about each child at this age, and each child drew or wrote (or both) a love note to their mom and then they got a complimentary 8x10 of their collage.  Isn't it adorable! 

For the first few people who signed up, I had a gift.  I let them purchase a $1 gift session to give to a mom in their lives who meant something special.  Lisa chose one of her daughter's teachers, Michelle.  Then she showed up with HER mom, so we had three generations!  So sweet!  Little Chandler (isn't that a great name?) was the sweetest - and look at those eyes!!  

Here's Michelle and Chandler's collage:

I'll be sharing the rest of the sessions soon!


Well, we've made it through "I'm going to lose 10 pounds" January and we're headed into "now give me some love and some chocolate" February!  I don't have chocolate for you, but I DO have some love!  Love in the form of canvases and prints and an Amazon Gift Card!

I have had ridiculous amount of fun getting back into the photography biz these past several months, and I want to say a tremendous THANK YOU to my clients from waaaay back in 2015 who hopped right on board, no questions asked, ready to jump on the Liza Photography Train (probably not as cool as the Hogwarts Express, but still awesome).

And the way I want to offer my hugs and smooches without actually offering hugs and smooches (flu season, you guys), is to hold a contest.  And I'm opening it up to both my full session clients and my mini Santa session clients!

ANYONE can enter this contest.  Print & photo product prizes are for clients, but there's also a $25 GC prize for one random commenter!  So much XOXO!!

Below you'll find a list of my fall/winter 2015 clients with a little look into their style and personalities via my photos.  All you have to do is COMMENT on which family or kiddo is your favorite!

Here are the prizes:

  • FIRST PRIZE: 16x24 Gallery Wrap Canvas (goes to the family/kid's family with the MOST COMMENTS)
  • SECOND PRIZE: 8x12 Standout Mounted Enlargement (goes to the family/kid's family with the SECOND MOST COMMENTS
  • ANYONE WITH 20 COMMENTS OR MORE: 8x10 Professional Lustre Print (This is great because ANY and ALL past clients can end up with this!)
  • ONE RANDOM COMMENTER: $25 Amazon Gift Card (chosen using and the order in which you left your comment.)

HOW TO ENTER:  Simply leave a comment with the name of the family or the kid who YOU think deserves the grand prize!  You can only comment ONE TIME. Feel free to share this post on Facebook or anywhere else to help YOUR choice win!

The contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, February 21st.  Any comments left after that time will not be counted in the final tally. Winners must choose images from their 2015 sessions.

And now, without further ado, your contestants!

Gia, Age 5


Gia and her hip-hop-loving sassy pants downtown Nashville shoot!

The Alabaster Family
{Franklin, TN Family Photographer}


The fun and offbeat curly-haired Alabaster family and their park shoot!

Vivian, Age 5
{Franklin, TN Child Photographer}


The beautiful, quiet and confident Vivian and her downtown Franklin shoot!

The Sanford Family
{Franklin, TN Family Photographer}


The fall-fun Sanford family with their adorably rowdy boys and their Harlinsdale shoot!

Lyle, Age 1
{Nashville, TN Baby Photographer}


One-year old serious, blue-eyed Lyle and his rustic shoot!

The Jones Family
{Brentwood, TN Family Photographer}

The crazy, hilarious, just-let-it-ride Jones family and their Franklin, TN shoot!

The Greear Family
{Brentwood, TN Mini Sessions}


The all-too-adorable Geear trio and their Santa Session!

The Wilbur Family
{Franklin, TN Mini Sessions}


The full-of-love, haven't-had-a-photo-of-everyone-in-too-long Wilbur family and their Santa Session!

The Mattingly Family
{Brentwood, TN Mini Sessions}

The smiley big brother and his less-than-thrilled-but-still-too-precious sister of the Mattingly family and their Santa Session!

Good luck to everyone!  So excited to see what happens!

Instill Self-Confidence In Your Tween Through Portraits

"Tween."  The term given to that beautifully awkward stage between the ages of 10 and 12.  Not a little kid anymore.  No, far from it.  But not a teenager yet.  We have a few more years before that stage hits my household, but I certainly remember it.  Completely unsure of myself, but still trying to have cute hair and get the popular boys to dance with me at my first fifth-grade dance.  It's right before all the hormones attack and slap you around for a while.  Right when you SEE the hormone kids in the grades in front of you getting older, LOOKING older, doing older kid things - and wanting to be there, but having it feel a galaxy away.

It can be a weird time for parents.  I imagine it can feel like your last shot to really set your ideas in their heads.  Like the last time their pre-pubescent brains might have room for what you want to say to them.  What you want them to know as they hit the teenage years, which can be lived so much more publicly now.

What do you want them to know?  That they're BEAUTIFUL beyond reason?  Even if they get made fun of every day for the next few years?  That they are WORTHY of the best life has to offer?  To not tie their self-worth up in another person? In a group of people? To think for themselves, stand up for what they believe in.  That life can get lonely and scary, but that their little world is not all their is - far from it.  That they are SMART, CARING, HILARIOUS, STRONG.  I imagine you want to shove all those things in their growing brains and hope that, as dark skies of teenagerdom roll in on occasion (or often), that your nugget that you planted has turned into a glowing diamond and speaks to them like a beacon.

I want to tell my daughters these things NOW, so I can only image I will want to make sure it's in their bones as time sends them to their teen years.

Even now I find myself wanting to hug the tweens in Claire's!  Or at the local sporting goods store!  Or the girls and boys who were brave enough to not only take a hip-hop class, but perform in front of hundreds!  I want to say, "YOU are BRAVE!  YOU are BEAUTIFUL.  YOU ARE ENOUGH."

But they'd think I was a whack job and probably start screaming, so I refrain.

But what I CAN do, as a photographer, as a capturer of time, of emotions of confidence and beauty...I can photograph these 10-12 year olds - these beautiful, growing people - and give them visual reminders of who they are at the core.  What mom wouldn't want to give that?  

Once or twice a year I let my now five-year-old create her own photo shoot.  Location, fashion, makeup, whatever she wants.  And I take her favorite photos from the shoot and I hang them in her room.  And I turn the rest into an album.  And she looks at them SO OFTEN.  She looks at them and KNOWS she's beautiful and wonderful and a good person.  

I can imagine there will be a big difference in her 12-year shoot and her 13-year shoot (if she'll even want to do one).

So, moms and dads, CAPTURE your sweet tween.  Capture this time.  Hand your son or daughter their confidence, beauty, strength, bravery in something they can look at every day.  And something you can remember forever.  Don't just tell them.  Turn the mirror on them with photos and say LOOK. SEE? I TOLD YOU.

(I am personally booking Tween sessions and am offering to waive my normal $200 session fee for the month of January. Click here to contact me.)


It's the CUTEST time of the year!  Valentine's Minis are a wonderful way to document your kiddos post-holiday.  Not too much out-of-pocket and low stress.  Hearts and red and love and CHEEKS!  (Because I know I'll see some chubby cheeks!!)

Details below.  TO BOOK, use this contact form or send an email to


Here are the details:

  • Saturday, January 30th
  • 10am - 12pm
  • 15-Minute Sessions
  • 8 Edited Digital Images
  • Photo Print Release
  • Online Gallery
  • $150 All-Inclusive
  • Album and prints available for additional purchase
  • Adorable Valentine's themed set-up with cute props at in-home studio in Cool Springs.  Relaxed atmosphere with all the amenities of home (because, well, it IS a home)!

AVAILABLE TIMES: 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45, 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45

*mini sessions are open to children only, no parents or newborns

Now Booking: Santa Sessions with Andrea Farmer Photography!

When I first met Andrea for some bacon and cheese omelets at a local bakery and breakfast shop, it was like we were meant to be friends.  We have such similar energies and we immediately started chatting a mile a minute.  I'm assuming she felt the same because before we were even done eating she asked me if I would be interested in partnering with her for her annual Santa Sessions - she kept saying, "Let me know if that's something you'd like to do."  And I think most people would be like, "Yeah, let me look and see if it works," and I just liked her so much I was like YES. I AM SAYING YES. YES.

So, here's our official announcement! 


They will take place on a local farm from 1:30 to 4:30 with two setups - one with Santa Claus!!  And the other will be a timeless Christmas look.

There are only 12 spots and they're going fast.  Contact me for more info and to reserve your spot!

Trace Construction - Franklin, TN Real Estate Photography

Oh my goodness, you guys, I recently had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this stunning home in Franklin, TN built by Trace Construction, Inc.  Admittedly, they also built my parents' house a few years ago, and the owner, Lindsay, DOES live in this house...which is right next to my parents' house, BUT STILL.  One day Lindsay asks, "Do you do real estate photography," and I knew his house and other houses he's built and I'm all SURE! BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS!  No, I didn't lie, but I did tell him I'd love to give it a shot.  And he was game.  And, thankfully, I'm happy with the way the shoot turned out.  More thankfully, so are he and his wife.

On to photos!  Here is the front of the house, and as lovely as it is, I find it deceiving as to what lies inside (and outside) its doors.

So, you walk into this lovely, long bricked foyer with gas lights and you come upon this unbelievable, openliving room/kitchen space with two glass garage doors that open to the outside living space.  YES. GLASS GARAGE DOORS. IN THE LIVING ROOM.

And then there's this kitchen island.  I'm game to sit and have some wine and appetizers, yes?  And you see that glass garage door?  Yup, me, too.

And then there's the master bedroom, which is like a beautiful, pastel oasis of beauty.  The doors lead to the outside living space.

Ok, so check out this bathroom.  The shower is basically a separate ROOM with his and her rain showers and various other shower heads on either side with a gorgeous tub in the middle.  All complete with his/her entrances and his/her bathrooms on either side of the shower.  It's pretty much the perfect bathroom to say, "Hey, I love you, now excuse me while I tend to myself by myself."

And what decent home these days is complete without a game room, AMIRIGHT?  I can only assume this is what the househunter people on HGTV are talking about when they say they need space "to entertain."

And, just so you don't stumble upon the wrong gender when using the loo, you're all covered here with a women's and men's bathroom decorated oh-so-awesomely.

This was one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Perfect for the daughter when she comes home from college.  Don't you just want to nap in here?

And how awesome is this boy's room with a little Minecraft flair?!

But let's get serious about our relaxing/partying and head back outside, shall we?  Here's the outdoor patio/porch space. (Great shot of the garage doors to the home open.)

And then there's this...

See what I mean about the front being deceiving?  Pool, chairs, bar, three TVs under that big outdoor bar area.

See that "Saloon" sign?  That's on a deck area attached to the game room.  You just follow a spiral staircase downstairs right to the bar at the pool (image on right).

So, this is the perfect place to relax, swim, and stay-cation like crazy during the day.  But at night? Party city.  Stairs by the bar over there are for swimming up and having someone hand you your mai tai.  The dual-sided fireplace is perfect for getting cozy.


So, in short, I want to live here.  Ha!  Seriously, this is a beautiful, beautiful home and I loved photographing it.  Now, go Pin some of these images to your "Dream Home" boards!

July 4th Mini Sessions!

Here are all the details for the July 4th Minis!  I've chosen Downtown Franklin as the location because of all the great brick, shady areas and small town feel.  So perfect for a small town 4th photo shoot!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

8am to 12pm

Downtown Franklin 
You will be emailed the exact meeting place after booking your space

5 Images:
Both print and web files, each image in color and black & white 

Sessions are 20-25 minutes and are being booked every half hour.


  • Your session is not confirmed until payment is received.  
  • Paypal and check-by-mail are accepted.
  • Images will be delivered via a private, downloadable online gallery.
  • Images will be delivered sometime before end of day, Wednesday, July 2nd
  • No refunds due to the limited nature of the sessions.
  • Sessions will still NOT BE CANCELED due to light rain (they can make the best photos!). 


DON'T BE CONCERNED IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE AN UNCOOPERATIVE KID! Just let kids be kids and don't be afraid to let their authentic selves shine through and all will be well! I PROMISE.


If you would like to book or have further questions, please email me at


When booking, include your requested time-slot, the number of people you are wanting photographed, everyone's relationship to each other, a quick description of the general personality of the group being photographed, and the ages of any children. Also include your preferred payment method.



Evie, 6 Months {Brentwood, TN Baby Photographer}

Evie and her house were a magical delight!  Her mom had mentioned she had a few vintage items that she wanted to use for the shoot - a dress, a hat box - but, whoa, was I in for an awesome surprise when I got there!  I've written about the treasures I find in other people's homes, and this house was no exception.  EVERYTHING had a vintage look and I wanted all of it in the photos!  She even had an old typewriter that I am kicking myself for not using in a single shot. Her whole house was a nod to the vintage feel, and I immediately knew what kind of post-process look I wanted to give both the color and b&w.  That's one of the main reasons I love shooting in people's homes.  I get a vibe of who they are and their tastes and I can tailor my editing to that - and know that whatever they choose to display on their walls and shelves will go perfectly.

The first look we did was sweet Evie in - get this - her grandmother's Christening gown.  Isn't that so precious?  And once I saw her vintage-looking crib, I knew we needed to start in front of it.  As we were shooting, I noticed one of the ties on the crib was untied, but I didn't want to tie it up just yet.  I mentioned it after we took a few more.  Her mom told me that the older brother comes in all time and unties it!  I loved that!  Now there's just a little hint of her brother in the photos with her. :)

Next we took a little break from all the lace and bows and diaper-covered it out in her oh-so-sweet crib.  These are two of my most favorite shots.  I find them so endearing - and her blue eyes are to die for.

And, yes, I did mention "hat box" up above, and here it is!  Again, her grandmother's hat box and her grandmother's fancy patent leather shoes.  She found them yummy - I don't know a single 6 month old that wouldn't at least try a bite!  Oh, I was so in love with all the little treasures Evie's mommy had for me!

Although this shoot was about Evie turning the big half-year, her mommy wanted some photos of just the two of them.  And, really, what mom doesn't want some nice shots of her and her kids? We're never in photos because, generally, we ARE the memory keepers of our families. Because of that, I never mind when a mommy wants to jump in for a few.  I wanted to capture the special bond between these two - a mommy and her youngest, only daughter.

Ah, and then this sweetness happened.  Perfect ending to a lovely shoot.  Happy 6 Months, Baby Evie!

Anna, 9 Months {Franklin, TN Baby Photographer}

It's so fun to be able to shoot in a client's home.  I mean, you never know what you're walking into - lighting, rearranging furniture, room sizes - but even though some things can be a challenge, I LOVE getting to know a client that way.  You see a little of how they live, how they like to decorate, what they surround themselves with.  I use all of that information when I edit their galleries.  

And Anna's shoot was no different.  There were tons of photos of the kids all around the house, so I knew this was a family that wanted to get the images off the disk and onto the walls!  I also got to see their color scheme and know exactly what I wanted to do with the images so that, when they ended up on display, they'd look perfect.

This shot is one of my favorites, and it's the last setup we did.  It's not unique to me - I'm sure you've seen it before, likely on Pinterest.  Her mom did a shot just like this of her older one back when she was 9 months and I KNEW we had to re-create it!  I feel like it's becoming a standard shot for the 9-month rage, and I'm so okay with that!

We actually started off using a little crib that was given to the family by Anna's grandfather.  It was important to her mom to get some shots in there.  Anna wasn't too keen on being in it for long, but we got some good stuff before she got upset!

Every client with kids gets concerned that they won't get "perfect" photos.  I loved Anna's mom for saying, "Listen, if she cries, I'm okay with those kinds of photos, too!"  I love it because it's part of the memory of the day.  And, really, isn't this just adorable?  Oh, and it's not like you can't just grab some detail shots real quick before they need mommy!  Love the little hand and foot.

Another reason I love shooting in a client's home is the little treasures I find.  Many times a client won't realize what a treasure they have, but I do!  And in this case, it was this darling rug in Anna's sister's room.  Isn't it the sweetest thing for a background?!

Happy 9 Months, Anna!  I loved being a part of your special day and giving you and your family some memories to keep forever!

Camp Family {Nolensville, TN Family Photographer}

In the midst of one of the coldest winters we've had, we got one little sunny January day where it was JUST warm enough to let these boys out of the house for some sun and some photos.


Boys will be boys, right? No exception here.  The littlest one had the most fun checking out the dirt and wandering down the hill.  Jut look at the closeness, but they're both focused on different things! Love it!


The oldest one and his daddy definitely had a special bond.  You know, when he wasn't using his Power Ranger powers to do his special balancing!


And, like many families, the baby of the group loves mommy. :)


I love how mom and dad are here!  Very "in it together." 

Bella & Anna Mini Session

I have known Bella and her mommy since before Anna was born.  In fact, Anna was a little thing growing in her mommy's tummy at my daughter's second birthday party.  So, it was an honor to be able to photograph these two beautiful sisters!

Bella has been taking violin lessons, and it was so smart of her mommy to bring it along!


Anna mainly wanted to hang out with mommy and sister, so it was nice to catch a smile!

Anna-arm swing-WEB.jpg

It's so wonderful when little ones watch out for each other.