Liza Hippler is a Nashville, TN area photographer specializing in {cozy, playful, creative} baby, newborn, maternity, family, and luxury portrait photography. Serving Nashville, TN, Brentwood, Spring Hill and surrounding Middle TN areas.

I help women who want to change the world with on-brand scroll-stopping visuals & all-around awesomeness.

For me, being a girl means being part of a group of smart, excellent people. When people think of girls, they generally think of makeup, heels, and perfume, but girls aren’t all that. Girls are intelligent, ambitious, strong people, and I’m proud to be one.”
— Zohe, age 10 from "Strong is the New Pretty"

I know I should up my social media game.

If you’re not feeling the love from your audience or clients, your photos might be telling a way different story than you intended. It’s not enough to just post “business” photos of clients looking happy or your products. Anyone can do that. It’s about sharing your story so that your audience can know you, like you, and, yup, trust you. You can’t do that without personal brand photography.

I wish I didn’t have to stop to Instagram everything. It’d be nice to focus on high-level tasks or be present with my family.

I get it, dude. That’s why I’m here. As a personal brand photographer, I offer:

Up to 90 days worth of on-brand, audience-loving, heart-worthy images that convert so you can post consistently on social media without it taking up anymore time than it needs to. And we do it all in a day or less.

But photos are so awkward.

Look, I get that having your photo taken can feel like that dream where you show up to school naked and didn’t study for your trig test. But I’m totally talented at getting the real you to shine through. You’ll probably even have fun.

Sounds smart. I’ll do it later.

Bad move, my friend. I only take 12 clients a year so that I can treat each one like a king or queen. Get in or lose out. (That sounded a little harsh. I’m nicer than that, but for real, I max out at 12 so if you want a spot, grab it now.)

Go from this…

coaching instagram before image

To this…

instagram feed example

Throw some quotes in there!

coaching instagram feed
liza hippler photography

This is me.

I’m Liza Hippler! I’m the photographer. I truly love learning about brands and influencers and helping you guys connect with your audience through beautiful storytelling. When your audience loves you, they connect, and connections convert. Winning.

The most attractive brands/influencers to me are the ones who genuinely care about their audience. They’re not out to make a quick buck, but really want to share their story in an authentic way. They want to help. They want to be a positive influence on the world through their brand. No crappy ethics here, please.

As for me personally, I’m in the ‘burbs in Franklin with my husband (but I am available for travel), two hilarious but crazy elementary school girls, and our old dog. Life is good when I’m in my cozy clothes and comfy socks (who needs “real” socks, anyway?!), and I simply cannot turn down a good dance beat. “This is how we do it…it’s Friday night and I feel alright….” Aw, yeah.


How It Works

step one to work with me

Step 1

Contact me. I’ll reply within 24 business hours with info & we can set up a consultation.

step two to work with me

Step 2

We’ll meet up and go over all the details of your brand & your shoot. It’s fun!

step three to work with me

Step 3

Let’s make it official! Sign the contract, pay the deposit & schedule your session.


  • Packages are designed to be purchased on a yearly contract

  • four sessions per year (one per quarter) in order to give you consistent, timely, on-brand images

  • discounted rates when paying on a monthly schedule or pay-in-full

  • sessions may be purchased as a one-off if there is availability

“The Everything” Packages begin at $3200

Three levels of packages available
$3200 package includes shooting up to 3 stories, 60 final images (good for M-f social media posting for 3 months), plus everything below.

All packages include:

  • Detailed pre-session planning meeting

  • Up to one full day of shooting

  • Shooting of various brand stories that connect with your audience

  • Same or next-day image selection

  • 7-10 day turnaround after image selection

  • My personal suggestions on final images to save you time

  • Commercial use license

  • Unlimited social media cropping

  • A list of my fav resources & tools for personal branding

“I Only Need a Little” Packages range $350-$850


Packages are good for:

Packages include:

  • website refreshes

  • starting a new website

  • new profile photos for cross-platform consistency

  • 1-2 wardrobe changes, various accessory changes

  • 1-2 locations within walking distance of each other

  • 1-2 backgrounds if in studio

contact me image of two sisters
A pro can help you with more than just lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your
standard iPhone. An experienced pro can help you with composition and visual storytelling.
— Buddy Scalera

Contact Me Now to Schedule a Consult.

C’mon. You know you at least want to ask some questions.