Liza Hippler is a Nashville, TN area photographer specializing in strategic branding photography and lifestyle photos. Serving Nashville, TN, Brentwood, Spring Hill and surrounding Middle TN areas.

I know you’re on fire with your goals & you’ve got big dreams. I know there are a lot of look alikes out there, but that YOU are the only one who can awaken the world with your unique message.

How? We push through that sea of same-faced “tuck hair back” poses and stock images to create photos that match how badass you really are. And there are all different kinds of badass, so don’t go picturing some chick in a leather jacket (unless that’s your thing, obviously).

I hate having my photo taken. I wish I had the confidence for a shoot like this.

Guess what? NO ONE likes having their photo taken. 99% of the people you see on my Instagram, on my website and in my portfolio told me the SAME THING (some said it way harsher). And do they look like they hate the camera? No. Do they look awkward? Nope! Why? Because we have a blast, girl, that’s why! I consider all my boss babes my BFFs and treat them as such. Not only that, I have all kinds of skillz (yeah, with a “z”) to help get you out of your head, knowing what to do with your hands and “posing” tips so that you look completely natural. I’m totally talented at getting the real you to shine through. I see your true colors, lady.

I love wondering every day what I should post on Instagram. Said no one.

I get it, dude. That’s why I’m here. As a personal brand photographer, I offer:

Up to 90 days worth of on-brand, audience-loving, heart-worthy images that convert so you can post consistently on social media without it taking up anymore time than it needs to. And we do it all in a day or less.

Sounds smart. I’ll do it later.

The longer you wait, the more you get pushed down in a sea of people. The longer you wait, the more you’ll see other people pop their heads up. C’mon, girl. Believe in yourself and let’s light this fire.

each shoot is tailored specifically for what you want to say with your brand

location, lighting, colors, style of shooting, editing
no two shoots are the same

Tons of images for an Instagram feed full of brand personality. Plenty of images for your website, freebies, courses, podcast imagery & lots of headshot options for any need.


This is me.

I’m Liza Hippler! I’m the photographer. I understand that you have some big plans and you don’t have time to waste among the sea of seemingly similar brands. I know what you’re offering the world is important & meaningful & full of fire.

I’m here to help you pop your head up in that ocean of Slim Shady’s with visuals that 100% represent how badass you are and get you noticed by all the right people.

As for me personally, I’m in the ‘burbs in Franklin with my husband (but I am available for travel), two hilarious but crazy elementary school girls, and our old dog. Life is good when I’m in my cozy clothes and comfy socks (who needs “real” socks, anyway?!), and I simply cannot turn down a good dance beat. “This is how we do it…it’s Friday night and I feel alright….” Aw, yeah.


How It Works

untitled-190409-untitled shoot143.jpg

Step 1

Contact me. I’ll reply within 24 business hours with info & we can set up a consultation.

untitled-190409-untitled shoot94.jpg

Step 2

We’ll meet up and go over all the details of your brand & your shoot. It’s fun!

untitled-190409-untitled shoot128.jpg

Step 3

Let’s make it official! Sign the contract, pay the deposit & schedule your session.


One-time packages.
Twice a year packages.
Once per quarter.

“On Fire” + Brand Guidance Packages

Three levels of packages
Defining & shooting various storylines
Smallest package Contains 60 Images for M-F social posting for 3 months

Contact for pricing.

All “On Fire” packages include:

Detailed pre-session planning meeting

  • Up to one full day of shooting

  • Shooting of various brand stories that connect with your audience

  • Same or next-day image selection

  • 7-10 day turnaround after image selection

  • My personal suggestions on final images to save you time

  • Commercial use license

  • Unlimited social media cropping

  • A list of my fav resources & tools for personal branding


“Sparks” Packages
start at $299

Packages are good for:

  • Adding pops of personality to your visual brand

  • Updated website photos

  • New headshots for social platforms + about pages

Packages include:

  • 1-2 wardrobe changes

  • layering options

  • accessory changes

  • various locations within walking distance

  • in-studio options

A pro can help you with more than just lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your standard iPhone. An experienced pro can help you with composition and visual storytelling.
— Buddy Scalera

Contact Me Now to Schedule a Consult.

C’mon. You know you at least want to ask some questions.